Reviews A-Z

Here are all of my reviews, alphabetized by author:

Reviews with an *asterisk are AUDIO book reviews.

Please Note: some of the following reviews (and books!) contain material not suitable for minors.

Aguirre, Ann, Grimspace

Aguirre, Ann, Wanderlust

Amara, Astrid, Holiday Outing (novella)

Andrews, Keira, Eight Nights (short story)

Antonelli, Sandra, For Your Eyes ONly (at Radish Reviews)

Armintrout, Jennifer, Blood Ties Book 1: The Turning

Ashley, Kristen, The Gamble

Ashley, Jennifer, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (joint review with Tumperkin)

Ashworth, Adele, Winter Garden

Atwood, Margaret, Oryx and Crake

Au, Michelle, This Won’t Hurt a Bit

Balogh, Mary, A Precious Jewel

Banks, Maya, Overheard

Barbosa, Jackie, The Reiver (novella) and Grace Under Fire (Spice Brief)

Barnes, Julian, The Sense of An Ending (not a review but a critique form a disability rights perspective)

Bauby, Jean-Dominique, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Beecroft, Alex, False Colors

*Beverley, Jo, A Most Unsuitable Man

*Beverley, Jo, The Dragon’s Bride

Beverley, Jo, Forbidden Afections

Bond, Stephanie, Watch and Learn

Bradley, Gabriella, Savage Lust

Briggs, Patricia, Cry Wolf and Alpha and Omega (joint review with Tumperkin)

*Brockmann, Suzanne, Over The Edge

*Brockmann, Suzanne, The Unsung Hero

Brockway, Connie, All Through the Night

Brook, Meljean, Demon Bound

Burton, Jaci, Dare To Love

Byrd, Adrianne, To Love A Stranger

Carlyle, Liz, Never Romance A Rake

Campbell, Anna, Tempt the Devil (joint review with Tumperkin)

Carroll, Lewis, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (a reflection at at Book Riot)

Chance, Megan, The Portrait

Chase, Loretta, Knaves Wager

Chase, Loretta, The Last Hellion

Clare, Pamela, Untamed

Cole, Kresley, Kiss Of A Demon King (joint review with Tumperkin)

Collins, Suzanne, Ten Amazing Moments in the Hunger Games Trilogy and Ten Things I Didn’t Like About the Hunger Games Trilogy

Colter, Cara, His Mistletoe Bride

Coulter, Catherine, Midsummer Magic

Crane, Carolyn, Mind Games

Croft, Nina, Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire

Crow, Anah, Uneven

Crusie, Jennifer, Anyone But You

Crusie, Jennifer, The Cinderella Deal

Crusie, Jennifer, Charlie All Night

Crusie, Jennifer, Getting Rid of Bradley

Crusie, Jennifer, Manhunting

Crusie, Jennifer, Strange Bedpersons

Crusie, Jennifer, Trust Me On This

Crusie, Jennifer, What the Lady Wants

Dahl, Victoria, Lead Me On

*Dahl, Victoria, Start Me Up

Dale, Lisa, Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier

Dane, Lauren, Taking Chase

Dark, Juliet, The Demon Lover (DNF Reflection)

Deveraux, Jude, The Raider

Dragon, Cheryl, Bad Brad (short story)

Dugard, Jaycee, A Stolen Life: a Memoir

Dunlop, Barbara, His Convenient Virgin Bride

Dunn, George, and Rebecca Housel, True Blood and Philosophy

Duran, Meredith, Bound By Your Touch (joint review with Tumperkin)

Duran, Meredith, Written on Your Skin

Edwards, Louisa, Can’t Stand the Heat

Edwards, Louisa, Too Hot to Touch

Egan, Jennifer, A Visit from the Good Squad

Fendler, Donn, Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness

Frank, Jacquelyn, Jacob

Gaffney, Patricia, To Have and To Hold

Gaffney, Patricia, Lily

Gaffney, Patricia, Wild At Heart

Gaiman, Neil, The Graveyard Book (mother and son joint review)

Gauld, Tom, Goliath

Gibson, Rachel, Any Man of Mine

Graves, Jane, Tall Tales and Wedding Veils

Goodman, Jo, All I Ever Needed

Goodman, Jo, Everything I Ever Wanted

Greene, Graham, The Human Factor

Greig, Charlotte, A Girl’s Guide to Modern European Philosophy

Haimoff, Michelle These Days Are Ours

Hale, Ginn, Wicked Gentlemen

*Hamilton, Laurell K., A Kiss of Shadows

Harpman, Jacqueline, I Who Have Never Known Men

Harrell, Christiana, Cream

*Harris, Charlaine, Club Dead

*Harris, Charlaine, Dead As A Doornail

Harris, Charlaine, Dead To The World

*Harris, Charlaine, Dead Until Dark

*Harris, Charlaine, Definitely Dead

*Harris, Charlaine, Living Dead in Dallas

*Hart, Megan, Dirty

Hart, Megan, Flying

Hart, Megan, Newly Fallen (Spice Brief)

Harte, Marie, Journeyman’s Ride

*Heyer, Georgette, Sylvester

Hendrix, Lisa, Immortal Warrior

Hill, Joey, Natural Law

Honami, Yukine and Satosumi Takaguchi, Thirsty For Love

Hornby, Nick, Juliet Naked

*Howard, Linda, Death Angel

Howard, Linda. Mackenzie’s Mountain.

Hoyt, Elizabeth, The Serpent Prince

Hoyt, Elizabeth, Thief of Shadows

Ione, Larissa, Desire Unchained (DNF Reflection)

Ione, Larissa, Pleasure Unbound

Ivory, Judith, Beast

*Ivory, Judith, The Proposition

Jackson, Brenda, Quade’s Babies

James, E.L., Fifty Shades of Grey

James, Judith, Broken Wing

James, Julie, Practice Makes Perfect

James, Julie, Something About You

Janssen, Victoria, The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom, and Their Lover

Jewel, Carolyn, Scandal

Johnson, Janice Kay, Someone Like Her

Johnson, Janice Kay, Snowbound

Joyce, Lydia, Voices of the Night

Kaye, Robin, Romeo, Romeo

Kennedy, Sean, Tigers and Devils

Kinsale, Laura, Seize the Fire

Kleypas, Lisa, Again the Magic

Kleypas, Lisa, Devil in Winter

Kleypas, Lisa, Seduce Me At Sunrise

Kneen, Krissy, Triptych

Knox, Ruthie, Ride With Me

Kreider, Tim, We Learn Nothing

Lamb, Charlotte, Dark Dominion

Lanyon, Josh, Death of a Pirate King

Larsson, Asa, Sun Storm

Laurens, Stephanie, Devil’s Bride

Layne, Jamaica, Market for Love

Lear, James, The Palace of Varieties (DNF Reflection)

Le Guin, Ursula, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Lindsey, Johanna, Prisoner of My Desire

Lindsey, Johanna, Savage Thunder

Leigh, Jo, A Dash of Temptation

Long, Julie Ann, Beauty and the Spy

Long, Julie Ann, To Love a Thief

Lowry, Lois, The Giver (mother son joint review)

Maher, Rebecca Rogers, Snowbound With A Stranger

*Mallery, Susan, Irresistable

*Mallery, Susan, Sizzling

Marr, Melissa, Wicked Lovely (@ The Book Smugglers)

Mayberry, Sarah, Below the Belt

McBride, Jule, Cold Case, Hot Bodies

McCarthy, Erin, Hard and Fast

*McCarty, Sarah, Caine’s Reckoning

*McKinley, Robin, Sunshine

Mead, Richelle, Vampire Academy

Merrow, JL, Pricks and Pragmatism

Metz, Julie, Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal and Renewal

Michaels, Lorna, A Candle For Nick (@ The Book Smugglers)

Milan, Courtney, Proof By Seduction

*Moning, Karen Marie, Beyond the Highland Mist

Nacht, Clancy, A Certain Pressure in the Pipes

Noble, Kate, Compromised

Ogawa, Yoko, The Diving Pool

O’Reilly, Kathleen, Touched by Fire

Orenstein, Peggy, Cinderella Ate My Daughter

Phillips, Carly, Secret Fantasy

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, Ain’t She Sweet?

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, Match Me If You Can

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, This Heart of Mine

Putney, Mary Jo, The Rake

Quinn, Julia, The Lost Duke of Wyndham

Reid, Michelle, The Italian’s Future Bride (joint review with Tumperkin)

Reynolds, Gretchen, The First Twenty Minutes

Roach, Mary, Stiff: The curious Lives of Human Cadavers

*Roberts, Nora, Born in Fire

Rochon, Farrah, Forever’s Promise (At Love in the Margins)

Rogan, Charlotte, The Lifeboat

Rose, Elizabeth, The Wedding Party

Rosenthal, Pam, The Edge of Impropriety

Roux, Abigail and Madeleine Urban, Love Ahead

Russell, Robert James, Sea of Trees

Saramago, José, Blindness

Sexton, Marie, Promises

Shakar, Alex, Luminarium

Shalvis, Jill, Double Play

Shalvis, Jill, Instant Attraction

*Shinn, Sharon, Mystic and Rider

Showalter, Gena, The Darkest Night

Sinclair, Linnea, Games of Command

Somerville, Ann, On Wings, Rising

Sorenson, Jill, Tempted by His Target

Stacey, Shannon, Exclusively Yours

Stoker, Bram, Dracula (part 1 and part 2)

Stuart, Anne, Cinderman

Stuart, Anne, Ruthless

Thacher, Christina, The Bequest: A BDSM Romance

Thomas, Sherry, Delicious

Thomas, Sherry, Not Quite a Husband

Thornton, Claire, My Lord Footman

Tolstoy, Leo, The Death of Ivan Iliych

Turner, L. M., The Subtle Build of Perfection

Tyler, Stephanie, Beyond His Control

Urasawa, Naoki Monster #1 (manga)

Valdez, Lisa, Passion

Valente, Catherynne M., The Girl Who circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Vaughn, Carrie, Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Verghese, Abraham, Cutting For Stone

Walker, Shiloh, Beg Me

Walker, Shiloh, Veil of Shadows

*Weber, Tawny, Feels Like the First Time

Weil, Elizabeth, No Cheating, No Dying

Wendell, Sarah, Everything I Know About Love, I Learned from Romance Novels (at Open Letters Monthly)

Wilder, Adrienne, Worth

Willig, Lauren, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation