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This is a one woman, no frills, adfree blog run by me, Jessica Tripler.* I started this blog in August 2008 (with a break from 9/12-9/13) to talk about romance novels, which I had recently discovered, but I now blog about a wide range of fiction and nonfiction. I will read and blog about any book, including classics, literary fiction, women’s fiction, romance, YA, nonfiction, SFF, and even erotica of the octopus/interstellar/MFTMGBDSm variety.

In short, this blog is no place for a book snob.

I post about 2-3 times a week when I can, usually on the following topics:

  • book reviews
  • discussions of literary genre
  • philosophy of fiction, especially ethical criticism
  • reflections on book blogging

In “real life”, I’m a professor, but I am not an expert in literature or literary criticism. I indulge in occasional discussions of academic and even home life (you’ve been warned!)

I am also a regular contributor to Book Riot.

And I’m a mom to two middle grade boys who read a lot when forced (Damn you soccer, Minecraft and Dota!!!) . I tend to read along with them. Hence, the occasional MG or YA review. My husband is a history professor.

Here they are, way ahead of me as per usual, in France in summer 2013:


I rarely offer contests, giveaways, author interviews, advance reviews, publishing news, or memes. In other words, this is a blog for the “cool hour,” not a likely spot for excitement or controversy.

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This is a personal weblog. It represents my own opinions, not those of my employers.

Be aware that some material on this blog is not suitable for minors.

Thank you for visiting!

*Not my real last name. I’m not hiding, I’m just trying to keep the book blogger profile slightly removed in Google searches from my professional one. Tripler = Triple R = Read React Review. It’s the only even slightly witty thing I’ve ever come up with.