Top Ten Literary References in Friday Night Lights

I resisted Friday Night Lights for a long time. I don’t care about football, Texas, or, usually, family dramas. But I watched the pilot one night this summer when it seemed like the least terrible Netflix streaming choice. 60 minutes and a box of kleenex later, I was hooked. I watch all five seasons in one joyous-yet-weeptastic binge.

There’s not much in FNL for a book lover, but for Book Riot I dug up The Top Ten Literary References in Friday Night Lights.

PS. Update on my WordPress editor hate: It now gives me the option to toggle back to “Classic Mode.” Beep Beep Boop indeed. (And in case you are wondering what I am nattering on about, WordPress forum thread full of angry customers here.)


3 responses

  1. Very nice piece! And I’m glad to hear you ended up loving FNL. I watched it all the way through a second time and cried almost as much as the first. But I found the Julie-goes-to-college plot-lines even more annoying this time.


  2. Thanks! I was mixed on Julie as well, especially some of her incredibly bad decisions in college. But I tried to think of her character as an authentic portrayal of a teenager.

    One of my favorite literary moments that didn’t make it into the top ten was actually a scene when Julie was at a poetry reading in college. The poem is hilariously bad. I like to imagine the writers having a field day making it up:

    Soul-detonating joy bubble of a montage.
    Doormats rising up
    Busting down the front door.
    Running, splashing,
    Chicken fighting
    The mother gathers her kids
    As fast as she can.



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