I Blame You: Books You Made Me Buy This Week

I have little control over my book spending. But it’s not my fault. It’s yours.


1. I wasn’t going to buy the new Loretta Chase historical romance. I haven’t read one of hers in a while, and none in this Dressmakers series. And I have an aversion to ballgown covers. But Nicola had to write,

If you need a plot-driven, fast-paced, action-oriented story, this might not be for you. But if you are interested in an exploration of character,  in watching attraction bloom gradually, with a bit of social commentary as a backdrop, there is no better author to bring that to you than Loretta Chase.

And then Caz at All About Romance wrote,

above all, it’s the interactions between the hero and heroine that make this book such a delight. I was utterly captivated by the brilliance of the dialogue, which is witty and frequently displays a depth of feeling and insight that is rarely found in the genre.

Sadly, I won’t get it for a few weeks, but I added the professional narration for less than $4. Winning!


2. Admittedly, I was always going to buy the second book in Sarah Morgan’s contemporary romance series, Suddenly Last Summer, because I so enjoyed the first. But not until the third one came out. See, I really wanted the other brother to get his story first. But then Sunita went and reviewed it at Dear Author:

The first half of the novel is basically Sean and Élise throwing themselves at each other but swearing nothing more can ever, ever, happen between them. Buttons fly as shirts are ripped off, lovely dresses get drenched in the rain, and the Snow Crystal forest sees a lot of hot and heavy action.

I’m a sucker for this “this can never ever happen again” relationship.



3. On Audio, Barrayar, by Lois McMaster Bujold. Yes, this means I actually finished listening to Shards of Honor, after trying to read it in paper for the past three years. I’m still confused half the time. I still can’t figure out who is who and what they want, but the characters Cordelia and Aral are enough. I can’t blame anybody in particular for this one, but several of you have told me how great the books are, and have prasied the audio in particular. So I blame everyone.



4. In paper, The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stewart. For this one I blame Tasha, who wrote a Book Riot Reading Pathways post about Stewart. I’ve been wanting to read Stewart forever since so many romance friends started with her. For some reason the mistaken identity plot of this one grabbed me:

I’m a sucker for stories about mistaken identity and doubles, so it’s no wonder this is the Stewart novel I’ve reread the most. In fact, it’s probably the most reread book on my shelves. Stewart cleverly keeps the reader guessing as to whether Mary is who she says she is, or if she’s actually Annabel. And what happened to Annabel, anyway? Mystery! I also love the romance element in this novel because it’s so subtle and well-played.

And that’s it!


2 responses

  1. OK, well, I might need that Sarah Morgan book, then. And so it goes.

    Mary Stewart! I loved her King Arthur books, and acquired them in hardback somewhere along the line. I may have read some of her gothic romances but it would have been far too long ago to actually remember.



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